Client:              Bass Pro Shops

Vision:              Exterior & Interior Signage

Location:          Memphis, TN 


5052 routed aluminum skins the aluminum armature of this large logo sign. Coated with more than 500 lb. of Prismatic Powder (in our 20 x 18 ft oven), the sign is attached to the Pyramid structure with stainless steel mounting posts. It took sixteen TransLand (TCSI) oversize flatbed trucks to take all of the components from our facility to Memphis.

18. _MG_9748 copy.jpg

We know you’re wondering, so here’s the answer: 115 ft. wide x 78 ft. high and weighing in at 27,000 lb.
 The Ducks Unlimited sign: 132 ft. wide x 42 ft. high with a weight of 6,700 lb.

_MG_9786 copy.jpg
_MG_9639 copy.jpg
_MG_9645 copy.jpg