Client:              Herschend Family Entertainment, White Water

Vision:              White Water Signage and Theming Elements

Location:          Branson, MO


To create the feel of a getaway for the day, Herschend Family Entertainment asked us to create theme elements and signage for the Branson, MO waterpark, including a Polynesian Totem with running water that would be installed on the banks of the Aloha River.


Polynesian Totem 

From the client’s artist rendering, Elemoose created a small-scale model. The totem head was scanned, scaled up to size,  routed and then detailed with epoxy putty. The base is constructed of aluminum, and pumps water up to the fiberglass arms. The aluminum structure of the base is themed with fiberglass wraps cast in the form of bamboo. Water pumped up into the arms cascades out into the Aloha River.